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Do you have your Cottage 911 number?

911 number

911 is a single emergency telephone number that makes it easier and faster for you to get help. The Central Emergency Reporting Bureau answers 911 calls and then forwards them to the appropriate response team – police, fire or ambulance. 

Take a look at your Tax Bill as in the image above. You will find your Cottage 911 number in the box next to the red arrow. It is the first few numbers in your cottage address. For example, in the above tax bill, the 911 # is 9820. This number needs to be recorded as part of your membership profile when you join the HHA.

When you make an emergency call, it is important to tell the dispatcher:

  • Your name

  • Telephone number you're calling from

  • Your 911 number

  • Your What Three Words information

  • Any location information that might help the responding agency find you


If you need non-emergency assistance and don't know who to call, dial 211.

Did you know that there is a defibrillator located on the back wall of The Old Schoolhouse?  

If there is an emergency close to that location that requires CPR, please send someone to retrieve it and use it until emergency help arrives.  The association would like to thank the late Ken Croney for his generous donation of this life-saving device.

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