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2022 HHA Regatta

The Honey Harbour Regatta is a time-honoured tradition that dates back years and everyone who is a cottager with kids look forward to the fun each year…..well that is until Covid decided to come calling. After 2 years of craziness the Regatta was back! (and again brought to you by the …surprise, surprise… D’Cunha Family). Before we get to the highlights…..I want to take you back to a time in June when we got an emailing asking whether we’d be running the regatta this year and we excitedly said …Yes!!??!! That began a quest to dig out all our regatta contacts and files and to try to remember all that went into the last event 2 years ago. Luckily for us, Sharon Silverthorn answered our numerous questions and a number of fabulous people jumped in to help prepare and run a successful event.

After the egg toss came the trophy presentations and there were smiles all around and some excited faces. The judges and paperwork table worked diligently to tabulate the points for each event as well as the category winners. What a great day on the water……so drum roll, please as we congratulate the D’Cun…I mean the Nicolucci and Dymond families who will share the Family Cup and run the event next year! It has been a pleasure to run the Honey Harbour Regatta these past few years and the D’Cunha’s will look forward to coming to the regatta as spectators and volunteers. 

The D’Cunha Family, Honey Harbour Regatta Organizers 2022

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