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2023 HHA Regatta

The most glorious day of weather for the year of 2023 happened on August 5th for the annual Honey Harbour Regatta. Families gathered on the rock of the old school house for a day of canoeing, swimming, competition and memory making. The turnout was reminiscent of the past with young and old partaking in the events of the day. This year we the Dymond and Nicolucci families were tasked with the organization and running of the Regatta as we were co-champions of the 2022 Family Cup.  

    In true Honey Harbour form, our families went from strangers to fast friends. The day was a gift as we watched the many smiling faces and happy children participate in the enjoyment. The under 6 age group was particularly strong in both numbers and muscle. The swimming performance of the junior category was notable. Intermediates continued to dazzle with style and technique. The Senior performers had previous years under their belts and showed the others the ropes. We had the moms demonstrating that they still had what it takes. The dads were there to win, and there was a no hold bar undertone to the gusto at which they competed. Grandmothers and Grandfathers made it clear that the value of family is strong in the water of Honey Harbour. 

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