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Winter Patrol

Winter Patrol: cottage property inspection

As cottagers ourselves, we know that our winter patrol programme is one of the most highly prized benefits of membership in the HHA.  Our goal is to have each HHA member’s cottage inspected three times over the winter. Members are provided with a picture of their property at each visit.  Additional information is forwarded if open/ broken door/ windows, fallen trees, heavy snowfall and break-ins are found by the patroller. Our targets are a patrol by water in late November/early December, then by snow machine in late January and another in March. Some inspections may have to be cancelled due to inclement weather or poor ice conditions, however, every effort is made to safely provide reports throughout the winter season.

Additional Winter Patrol - $30 Additional Fee for each additional building up to three additional buildings.

Covers the monitoring of other buildings located on the same lot, further than 15m (50ft) from the main cottage, such as sleeping cabins or tool sheds.

Winter Patrol FAQs

When are the Inspections started and completed?
As safety is priority one, the inspector will decide when and how the inspections will be conducted. Early December, February and April is the planned time frame. The inspector will use a boat or snowmobile to complete the inspections, weather and conditions permitting. 

How do we communicate with the Winter Patrol (WP) support?
Via email:

There have been several other email addresses communicated however we are now using this single address for all WP issues. Please note: it is important to update your trusted email list to include the aforementioned email address so that your report does not get sent to your trash or junk mail folder.  Actual WP dates will be published during routine newsletters sent via email during the winter season. 

If we have multiple buildings on our property which will the inspector inspect?
The main cottage building will be inspected and picture captured.  There is an option to purchase an additional inspection if the member so decides.

As a member, when should I contact the WP team directly? 

Please inform the WP team of any safety concerns, such installation of a water movement system to keep ice from forming around docks and or boat houses or any large holes, etc that might be concealed by snow.

Send WP a short note to the email address mentioned above so that we can include any additional information in our patrol information. Please ensure that your Membership Information is up to date.

How does the inspector identify the Member’s property?
HHA provides a plastic covered bar code which is attached to member building on their property. When the patroller arrives the barcode is scanned which identifies the member’s contact information, email, and a picture is taken which is then sent to the member. 

As a member what do I need to know about the 911 sign?
To obtain a 911 sign go to the Resources page on this site for a link to the township web site. The HHA does not provide the 911 signs. Once you have received your sign, please make sure it is located in a spot where the summer sun is not bleaching and damaging the plastic. Please put up the sign in a favourable location, where our winter patroller will find it. 

What does the patroller inspect?
The patroller will check the property and buildings for any visible signs of damage or open doors/windows.  Depending on the amount of snow the inspector will walk around the sides of the building/s however, when the snow is too deep, he will not be able to access all sides of the building/s.

What if there is damage to a building or signs of a break in?
We will contact the member as soon as possible. Please note, the WP cannot take any action on your behalf. 

How many pictures will the patroller take?
Typically, one picture will be taken to confirm the condition of each building at the inspector's discretion. 

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