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Membership Period: May 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023


Our Schoolhouse Property: community church, meetings, tennis, pickleball,
yoga, and events.

There are two types of memberships: Full and Associate

Full Membership - $165

You can purchase a Full Membership in the HHA if you own a cottage in the Honey Harbour area. 

A Full Membership includes you and your spouse/partner and children. A Full Membership permits you to one vote in motions that are put forward at the AGM and at other times, as necessary. 

You will receive the HHA newsletter plus:

  • One copy of the HOOTS, the HHA annual publication

  • One membership in the Georgian Bay Association (GBA) 

  • One membership in the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association (FOCA).

With a Full Membership you are eligible eligible to purchase additional buildings with Winter Patrol services. And, you are eligible to apply for membership in the Honey Harbour Tennis Club.

Associate Membership - $100

  • Includes a primary member, their partner, their children and their adult dependents

  • Is connected with a full membership family OR is a voting member of a sister association that pays a GBA membership fee on behalf of the associate OR is a tenant or guest in the Honey Harbour area and wishes to participate in, and support, the HHA

  • Enjoys some of the benefits of the HHA, including lower Day Camp fees

  • Is not entitled to vote at meetings of the Association

  • An Associate may choose to join the GBA by paying the additional GBA fee of $50

  • You are eligible to apply for membership in the Honey Harbour Tennis Club.

 Pay by Cheque

If you wish to pay by cheque, please mail your payment to the HHA

Honey Harbour Association

P.O. Box 306

Honey Harbour, Ontario

P0E 1E0


Tax Receipts

A tax receipt of $40.00 will be issued for each Full and Associate Membership.  A receipt will be issued for any extra donation to the Dock Fund, Sailing program or Day Camp. All above noted donated funds will be transferred to the Honey Harbour Community Church Inc.

Receipts will be issued by the HHCCI, which is a charity registered with the CRA, after year end. Your donation confirms approval of the following statement:  “I authorize the Honey Harbour Association to forward my donation(s) to the Honey Harbour Community Church Inc. on my behalf for the benefit of HHCCI Dock Fund, or community youth programs (Sailing program or Day Camp), as I have indicated.”

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